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Pre – Matriculation.

The Pre  – Matriculation course is aimed at students with poor or below average Grades in Grade 10. The only two subjects under the Pre – Matriculation course are (i). Basic English, and (ii). Basic Math. After successful completion of the Pre – Matriculation course, students can then advance to the Adult Matriculation course. Course duration is one Semester

Adult Matriculation

The Adult Matriculation Certificate  is an alternative and equivalent path for students who do not complete formal Grades 11 & 12 in PNG system schools. The requirement for the attainment of an Adult Matriculation Certificate is the completion of 8 matriculation subjects. The matriculation subjects are listed below.

  1. English 1
  2. English 2
  3. Math 1
  4. Math 2A (Adv Math)
  5. Math 2B (Gen Math)
  6. Biology 1
  7. Biology 2
  8. Chemistry 1
  9. Chemistry 2
  10. Physics 1
  11. Physics 2
  12. Introduction to Economics
  13. History
  14. Geography
  15. Asia and The Modern World.

For the Adult Matriculation course, the compulsory subjects are English 1, Math 1, English 2 and Math 2A (science) or Math 2B (Social Science). After that Science students must take all the science subjects while social science students can do all social science subjects.

Completing the required 8 subjects for an Adult Matriculation Certificate can take up to 2 years (or even more).