Formal Secondary

Entry Requirements

The following entry requirements apply to all Grade 9 – 12 Secondary Applicants.

  1. Attach previous certificates to application forms.
  2. Attach transfer documents if applicable.
  3. Pay a full Term Fee Upfront.
  4. Purchase school uniforms and proper footware.

.Grade 11 Formal

The two compulsory Grade 11 admission criteria are :

  1. Minimum of 2 credits in Grade 10 subjects. 
  2. No grade below upper-pass in Grade 10 English or Math.

Pre Eleven Bridging

Any student failing at least one of the Grade 11 admission criteria will be required to first of all enroll into the Pre- 11 year. The Pre-11 year is a one year bridging program intended to strengthen the background and skill level of students in core subjects (English, Math, Science etc) so that they are able to cope with Grade 11 & 12 work later on.