Access To Modules

All course modules (or subjects) with respective assignments for Pre – Matriculation, Adult Matriculation and Grade 12 Upgrading students, are currently locked by default.

To access and download the Course Modules and Assignments do the following :

  1. Submit the appropriate Application form for Enrollment.
  2. Pay the required subject Fees
  3. Send payment receipts to PIMS
  4. Register Username and Password on PIMS Website for download enabling..
  5. Administrator Approves Username Registration.
  6. Student receives Login Credentials (Username and Password) through email.
  7. Administrator unlocks modules and assignments only for subjects that have been paid for.
  8. Dowload course modules and assignments. (Note ! All files are in PDF format so students should have the Adobe Reader application already on their mobile phones or pc’s before they can download/view the files).