Username Registration Importance Of

For intending students (especially), it is important that you register your username (your Name), email address to the PIMS Website and obtain a Login Password.

Registering your Username and obtaining a Login Password are important for the following reasons.

  1. Identification Purposes.
  2. Access to Online Entry Tests for Grade 10 Leavers.
  3. Submission of Entry Test Answer Sheets online.
  4. Submission of future Assignment Answer Sheets online.
  5. Online access to statistical tracking, reporting and analysis of individual student assessment.
  6. Downloading of Study modules and course assignments for matriculation and Grade 12 Upgrading students (both fulltime and correspondence)..
  7. Other new and future services from the website.

The Registration for Username and Password will be enabled after submitting an Application for Enrollment AND Payment of the required School Fees.